Absence of Evidence Gives Hope for Gabbiee Swainson’s Life

The hopefulness surrounding the disappearance is based on more than keeping morale high in Northeast Columbia.

In recent press conferences, Sheriff Leon Lott has stated that investigators are operating under the assumption that Gabbiee Swainson, the missing teen, is still alive.

Without knowing where she is, though, it’s easy to start thinking that Gabbiee Swainson has been harmed.

But officials said that jumping to the worst possible conclusion isn’t backed by evidence. They said that the evidence points to the teenager still being alive.

Here’s why:

The blood evidence in her room and on the duct tape on Freddie Grant’s property does not lead investigators to believe there has been a serious injury. Though the amount of blood found in Gabbiee Swainson’s room has not been disclosed, it was not enough to alert investigators to suspect foul play until seven days after the girl went missing.

It is this lack of evidence of serious injury that is the strongest evidence that Swainson is alive, a sheriff’s office spokesman told Patch.

And, in the most simple terms, they lack a body.

Also worth noting is that two kinds of dogs are being used in the search. Both cadaver dogs and scent dogs have turned up nothing on Grant’s property, officials said.

Lack of evidence to a crime does not always indicate there hasn’t been one, but in this instance, investigators think it does.

Grant has only been charged with kidnapping at this time. 

Yaseniajohnson October 01, 2012 at 12:43 PM
I hope she still alive my hart goes out to her family


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