Why an AMBER Alert Wasn't Issued for Gabbiee Swainson

Key criteria has to be met for the well-known notice to be sent out.

In categorizing how to release a photo of a missing person to the public, law enforcement must look at a series of channels and guidelines to determine what the most efficient route of disseminating information will be.

For missing child cases, the most well-known method--aside from probably a face on a milk carton--is the Amber Alert.

However, the search to find Gabbiee Swainson has yet to qualify for an Amber Alert.

Take a look at the criteria recommendations set out by the Amber Alert website:

  • Law officials confirm an abduction.
  • Risk of Serious Bodily Injury or Death.
  • Sufficient Descriptive Information.
  • Age of Child.

In the case of the missing teenager, it was seven days before police ruled that there was evidence of foul play. Shortly after that, they arrested Freddie Grant, the man officials believe is responsible for taking Swainson.

Even now, almost a month after the girl went missing, there is no evidence to support the idea that Swainson has been harmed, a sheriff's office spokesman said.

Multiple press releases have been sent out with Swainson's photo.

Bodi September 15, 2012 at 08:20 PM
According to what I've read: The front door was open, the security alarm was blaring and there was a missing child with blood in her bed. Did Gabbiee need to leave a hand written note that says "Please issue an amber alert for me, I've been kidnapped?" EVERY MISSING CHILD IS IMPORTANT.
Karen Mac December 31, 2012 at 11:41 PM
I agree 100%! I am just now hearing about her kidnapping and I live in Sumter County, SC! They should have issued an Amber Alert for Gabbibee! They still should now!!


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