Rep. Jeff Duncan Passes First House Bill

Measure calls for fortifications in face of growing Iranian threat in Western Hemisphere.

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-3) saw his first House bill pass since being elected in 2010. Duncan's Countering Iran in the Western Hemisphere Act, also known as HR 3783 passed unanimously in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. 

The bill is meant to address the confirmed presence of Iranian operatives in Latin America. In recent weeks, media outlets have reported the arrest of three Hezbollah members in Mexico and the presence of a Hezbollah training facility in northern Nicaragua. The bill now moves to the Senate for final approval.

According to Duncan's website, HR 3783:

  • Establishes a strong U.S. posture, policy, and relationship with Latin American countries
  • Protects U.S. interests and assets in the Western Hemisphere such as embassies, consulates, businesses, energy pipelines, and cultural organizations, including threats to U.S. allies
  • Addresses the vital national security interests of the United States by ensuring that energy supplies from the Western Hemisphere are free from the influence of any foreign government that would attempt to manipulate or disrupt global energy markets
  • Requires a secure U.S. border with the U.S. working in coordination with the governments of Mexico and Canada to prevent Iranian operatives from entering the U.S. Counters efforts by foreign persons, entities, and governments in the region to assist Iran in evading U.S. and international sanctions


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