Students Celebrate Black History Month With Poetry

Columbia High students read their original poetry and pieces by other authors Tuesday.

The words of Maya Angelou's "Still I Rise" flowed through Columbia High's media center Tuesday. 

Student Tatiyana Jackson recited the poem to a handful of her peers who gathered during a lunch period to celebrate Black History Month.

Three other students read poems that they wrote while members of the band played light music in the background.

The open mic event was just one of the .  

Information Technology Specialist Pamela Williams said the third annual open mic event was "a venue (for students) to perform and showcase their talents." 

As part of the Black History Month celebration, students are also hearing about a famous African-American in the arts, sports or science fields every day during the morning announcements. Students are asked to dress up as a famous African-American based on the week's theme. 

"Dressing up as these role models is a way for our students to remember and recognize the cultural legacy of African-Americans," Williams said. 

This week's dress up theme is "favorite black entertainer." 


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